Family Law

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General Family Law Topics

Getting Married

Legal Information for Same Sex Couples

Living Together


The Family Law Act



Becoming a Parent

Birth Certificates

Naming a Guardian for your Child

Naming Your Child

Parents: Rights and Responsibilities

Proof of Parentage

Conflict, Separation and Divorce

Child Support

Custody and Access

Family Court Procedure

Maintenance Enforcement in PEI

What do I Include in a Separation Agreement?

Resolving Conflict Outside of Court

Spousal Support

Family Violence and Safety Plans

Being Safer: A Guide for Women with Intellectual Challenges

Court Orders for Your Protection

Family Violence and the Law

Health and Safety Plan for Aboriginal Families

Making a Safety Plan in Violent or Abusive Relationships

New Relationships: Legal and Safety Concerns

What do I Need to Know? A Guide to Child Protection for Youth